Past Tenses №2

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 Underline the correct tense:

Выберите правильную форму глагола:
1    Lynne was singing/had sung as she was cleaning the windows.
2    Mr Todd was teaching/had been teaching for thirty years when he retired.
3    I phoned Jack because I wanted/had wanted to ask him a question.
4    They had walked/had been walking for hours when they stopped for a rest.
5    The shop had been selling/had sold the table by the time I got there.
6    Joe was happy. He was winning/had won first prize in the competition.
7    It was raining/had rained while they were playing the football match.
8    Rob was opening/opened the box and looked inside.
9    Eve was delighted to hear that she was getting/had got the job.
10    People used to work/were working very long hours in those days.
11    I was running when I slipped/was slipping on the ice.
12    They were already buying/had already bought the tickets when they went to the concert.
13    Carol had broken/was breaking her arm, so she couldn't write for six weeks.
14    We had been staying/stayed in a hotel by the sea last summer.
15    Elvis Presley sang/had sung lots of hit songs.
16    I opened/was opening the door and stepped outside.
17    They had stood/were standing outside when the results were announced.
18    Alexander Graham Bell had invented/invented the telephone.
19    She broke the glass while she had washed/was washing it.

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