Present Simple / Present Continuous / Present Perfect №2

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Write the questions in the dialogue, using the cues to help you.

Дополните диалог вопросами, используя подсказки:
Lisa: /you ever be/ to South America?
1    Have you ever been to South America?
David: No, never. Why? /you like/ travelling?
2     -----------------------------
Lisa: Yes! Don't you? /you always go on holiday in
this country?
3   --------------------------------- 
David: Yes, I do. It's easier. You can speak your own
language, /you learn/ Spanish?
4   ------------------------------
Lisa: Yes. I'm learning as much Spanish as I can
before I go.
David: And /you read/ books about South America?
5     --------------------------------------------
Lisa: Yes. Well, I'm reading one book, /you read/
travel books?
 6     -----------------------------------------
David: No. But I like adventure books, like Scott's Diaries, /you read/ Scott's Diaries?
7    ----------------------------------------------
Lisa: No. But I want to read them, /he write/about the last expedition?
8    -------------------------------------
David: Oh yes! It's very interesting.

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