Present Simple / Present Continuous / Present Perfect №2

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Write the questions in the dialogue, using the cues to help you.

Дополните диалог вопросами, используя подсказки:
Lisa: /you ever be/ to South America?
1    Have you ever been to South America?
David: No, never. Why? /you like/ travelling?
2     -----------------------------
Lisa: Yes! Don't you? /you always go on holiday in
this country?
3   --------------------------------- 
David: Yes, I do. It's easier. You can speak your own
language, /you learn/ Spanish?
4   ------------------------------
Lisa: Yes. I'm learning as much Spanish as I can
before I go.
David: And /you read/ books about South America?
5     --------------------------------------------
Lisa: Yes. Well, I'm reading one book, /you read/
travel books?
 6     -----------------------------------------
David: No. But I like adventure books, like Scott's Diaries, /you read/ Scott's Diaries?
7    ----------------------------------------------
Lisa: No. But I want to read them, /he write/about the last expedition?
8    -------------------------------------
David: Oh yes! It's very interesting.

Ответы к упражнению:


  1.  Have you ever been to South America?
  2. Do you like travelling?
  3. Do you always go on holiday in this country?
  4. Are you learning Spanish?
  5. Are you reading books about South America?
  6. Are you reading travel books?
  7. Have you read Scott's Diaries?
  8. Does he write about the last expedition?

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