Present Simple / Present Continuous / Present Perfect №5

нравится 14 не нравится

Four of the sentences below are wrong. Cross them out and write them again correctly.

Четыре предложения из поданых ниже- неправильные. Найдите их и исправьте ошибки:
1    We're saving our money for a holiday this summer.
2    I can't tell you anything about Peter's boat because I never see it.
3    We have dinner now. Could I call you back later?
4    I've started learning Polish and I can say a few easy sentences now.
5    Linda has passed all her exams so she can go to university.
6    How long have you lived here?
7    Grandma and Grandad are coming over every Friday.
8    It doesn't rain very much in the east of England.
9    I'm getting up early and running three kilometres every morning until the expedition starts.
10  One person in every thirteen in the world lives along the Yangtze River in China.

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