Идиомы английского языка на букву 'S'

Всегоидиом - 975
Steady as a rock
Перевод:твёрдый, неподвижный
Пример использования:His hand was steady as a rock as he pulled the trigger of the revolver.
Stiff as a poker
Перевод:тугой, негнущийся
Пример использования:John is not a very good dancer; he’s stiff as a poker.
Straight as an arrow
Перевод:прямой, честный
Пример использования:Tom is straight as an arrow. I’d trust him with anything.
Strong as a horse
Перевод:сильный как слон
Пример использования:The athlete was strong as a horse. He could lift his own weight with just one hand.
Strong as a lion
Перевод:сильный как лев
Пример использования:See if you can get Melissa to help us move our furniture. She’s as strong as a lion.
Stubborn as a mule
Перевод:упёртый как осёл
Пример использования:My husband is as stubborn as a mule
Sure as death
Перевод:точно, непременно
Пример использования:As political tension increased, it became more and more apparent that war was coming, as sure as death.
Sweet as honey and (as) sweet as sugar
Перевод:сладкий как мёд
Пример использования:These little cakes are as sweet as honey