Приколы и юмор на английском языке

Всегоматериалов - 30

Приколы на английском языке: картинки, видео, анекдоты и т.п.

Xmas is over, it is time to relax

Class Stratification

В каждом классе есть:

The Queen Bee - Королева

Sketcher - Художник

In Luv Couple - Парочка влюблённых

Singer - Певец

Copying Machine - Копировальный аппарат (списывающий)

Sports Guy - Спортсмен

Different- "Другой"

Back of Class Crew - Группа на галёрке

Stressed Out - Выпускатель пара

Gossiping Machines - Сплетницы

Hyperactives- Гиперактивные студенты

Musicians - Музыканты

Out of Earth - Мечтатель

Hard Workers - Отличники

Bullies - Задиры

Class Bunkers - Прогульщики

How to eat an elephant?

Как съесть слона? По кусочку за раз.


I Am British Because....

I am British beacause...

1. I live in the past

2. I don't care what people think

3. I am a different person when the sun is out

4. I am not bothered about a bit of dust

5. I never refuse a drink

6. I don't speak a foreign language

7. I'm lost without my dog

8. I wouldn't live anywhere else

Artistic Person

Web designer

To pee or not to pee

Day Schedule


Photo to ID and photo to Facebook

Mum said to play outside

Scary Onion

University graduate

- Professor, what do you tell when you meet your students, who have graduated from university?

- Big Mac and diet Cola, please.

Nice Excuse

Cool Apple

Do not envy Santa. His job has its drawbacks.

Making a snowman baby

"Посмотрите на это? Они делают ребенка прямо перед домом!"

"Это позор!"

Ha-ha! This is me again!

The baby is loading


Good Night

-Спокойной ночи, мед.

-Спокойной ночи, олень.

Sporty father

Photography is my hobby

Facts of Life

Cat Icons

Funny Baby

Cat Father

Puppy Tetris

Uh yeah in math